Hanne and five Southwestern students make their way to Florida for Exploration 2015

The school year is nearly half over, and campus ministry is in full swing!  We’ve been blessed to have several phenomenal speakers at Chapel so far this year, including new Southwestern president Brad Andrews.

Rev. Ben Hanne has begun settling into his new position as campus minister.  Hanne just returned from accompanying five SC students to Exploration 2015 in Florida, where the students explored a calling into ordained ministry.  He’s also begun offering communion for students and faculty on Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week, and is looking to add more opportunities for communion next semester.

Students in Discipleship are doing something new this year by participating in service projects around literacy, with each of the four groups planning and hosting a different service event to promote literacy awareness, access, and education.  Watch the Discipleship SC Facebook page for more information as these events take place! Discipleship students also participated in the homecoming service project which helped package 30,000 meals in October.  You can also watch a video featuring current students talking about their experiences with Discipleship that was released this summer.

This has been a great year in Worship Outreach in terms of energy and chapel participation.  Be sure to watch the Worship Outreach Facebook page and YouTube channel for two new videos coming out in December!