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Builders in Ministry Week

For 8 years, 2007-2014, the Institute for Discipleship hosted a Builders in Ministry event week on the campus of Southwestern College.

Conference History:

The 2014 theme was Building a “Culture of the Call” in your college and church. Leadership was provided by Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown, Rev. Valerie Robideaux, and Rev. Dr. Doug Morphis.   CIC NetVUE partnered with the Institute for Discipleship to host the conference.

The 2013 theme was Connecting with Young Adults.  Leadership was provided by Drew Dyson, Charles Harrison, and Wendy Mohler.

The 2012 theme was Creation Care.  Leadership was provided by Rebekah Simon-Peter and John Hill.

The 2011 theme was Christ-Led Leadership.  Leadership was provided by Adam Hamilton and Sarah Wilke.

The 2010 theme was Worship as Passionate Theology.  Leadership was provided by Martin Rude, Mike Marion, Mitch Todd, Troy Bowers, Alison Ebright, and Sarah Miller.

The 2009 theme was The Now and Future Church.  Leadership was provided by Tony Jones, Ashlee Alley, Corey Godbey, Steve Rankin, Cheryl Rude, Martin Rude, Jason Speegle, and Kate Topham.

The 2008 theme was Light to the Nations.  Leadership was provided by Sandra Richter, Martin Rude, Stephen Butler, Travis Hastings, Bonnie Laycock, Steve Rankin, Micki McCorkle, Ken Hathaway, and Jeff Gannon.

The 2007 theme was Building in Margins.  Leadership was provided by Richard Swenson, Cheryl Rude, Beth Wilke, Jim Reed, Phyllis Kumorowski, Paul Wilke, and Jeff Cannon.