The Timothy Circle is a network of adults, churches and ministries joined together to nurture faith and calling in young people.  It’s also the best online resource for young people (ages 14-24) trying to discern God’s call in their lives.  We believe that ‘calling’ encompasses any call to serve others — whether in a secular profession, through volunteering, or in a ministry setting.

The Timothy Circle is a network designed to work together.  Every part of the network gains support and collaboration from every other part — something that is usually lacking in the Church today. Each member also gain a community of peers, resources, and training to talk about call effectively in their unique setting.

The Timothy Circle helps congregationscamps, and campus ministries develop a culture that nurtures and encourages a sense of call in their young people.  We help laypeople mentor young people in exploring their call.  Ministry organizations connect to brainstorm, learn from each other, and submit their events and programs to a searchable database where young people can find opportunities that help them explore their call from God.  Young people gain resources to think about what call means and how to listen to God’s voice, and their parents gain resources and support to talk to their children about faith.

Goals and Aims

Even when young people are actively listening for what God has called them to do, it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed, unsure, and confused about where to look for direction.  The Timothy Circle provides them a framework, and helps ensure that all parts of the Church are working together to support and empower young people discerning God’s call for their lives.  With the Timothy Circle:

Young People are able to...

  • Use our online, self-guided Trail Guide to help them hear a vocational call from God and develop the tools and frameworks to continue to head God’s guiding voice throughout their lives.
  • Hear how God is calling other young people and hone their Holy Spirit listening skills (Coming soon)
  • Explore resources and programs in their region that will help grow their understanding of their call

Parents are able to...

  • Read articles designed to help them support their teen or young adult in their faith and call journey
  • Learn about the Christian opportunities available for their child’s age level and interests
  • Connect with other parents to share experiences of transitioning young people into a faithful adulthood (Coming soon)

Ministries are able to...

  • Connect with each other through quarterly opt-in Zoom calls to learn what’s working for other organizations
  • Access everything they need to host an inter-ministry gathering that will strengthen networks and improve coordination among camps, churches, and campus ministries (Coming soon)
  • Post information about their events, conferences and resources to help young people find them

Laypeople and clergy are able to...

  • Receive training on mentoring a young person in their call (and join a community of other mentors)
  • Receive training on strengthening their church, camp, or campus ministry environment to celebrate and nurture calling (and join a community of other call champions)
  • Explore our library of call-related book, small group, worship, and curriculum resources

Young People Need You! How Can You Help?

We’re looking for passionate people who would like to help young people hear God’s voice. There are several ways you can help:

  • Enroll in the Mentor training or Culture of the Call training or encourage adults in your church to enroll in the trainings.
  • Join the Timothy Circle as an organization with programs and events to offer young Christians exploring where the Holy Spirit is leading them
  • Encourage young people to sign up for a free account on the Timothy Circle website to access our Trail Guide.
  • Tell others about our Parent and Supporter resources (and explore them yourself!)
  • Pray that the Timothy Circle will be a tool that God uses to reach young people and shape adults, camps, congregations, and campus ministries to nurture God’s call in the lives of young people.
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If you think young people need more support and guidance on following God’s voice, we’d love your support. If you’d like to make a financial contribution, please contact Miranda Priddy.