The Listening Chair is a podcast interviewing people from all walks of life about their call stories and the holy hums of the Spirit and other influences that led them to their current vocation.

You’ll hear stories of people from all ages, stages, and skill sets. As they “sit” in the Listening Chair, guests will share how they live into the calling of being a beloved child of God, and how they live out this love through their vocational calling.

So if you doubt which next steps to take towards a career, think you chose the “wrong” career, are sick of people telling you that there is no money in the line of work you’re dreaming of, or that the job you want does not exist, come on over and get cozy for a listen. Chances are, listening to our guests’ stories will help you write your own.

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The Listening Chair is hosted by Meg Calvin and Miranda Priddy.

Miranda Priddy

Miranda is the Director of Business Operations at the Institute for Discipleship. She is originally from Stephenville, Texas, and earned a degree in theater from McMurry University in Abilene and is now working on an MBA at Southwestern College in Kansas. She lives in Derby, Kansas, with her husband and their adorable pup, Lola.

Meg Calvin

Meg’s roots are in Texas, but she has served in the Sunflower State for over a decade, first as the Director of Children’s and Family Ministry at First UMC of Winfield, Kansas, and now as the Director of Engagement at the Institute for Discipleship.

Meg is the author of The Bluebonnet Child; Finding Grace in Poor Soil, and she has a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Southwestern College in Kansas and an MA in Children’s and Family Ministry from Bethel Seminary of Minnesota. She loves Fitbit challenges, reading the autobiographies of comedians, learning Spanish, antiquing and game nights with friends. She and her husband spend most of their free-time playing tag with their young daughter.  She blogs at and with other Bethel alumni at in hopes of equipping other Children’s Pastors.