July 11, 2022 — A new certification in church administration will begin soon at BeADisciple.com. Consisting of four six-week courses, the program is delivered completely online and is intended for pastors and laypersons in congregational leadership roles.

The first class is enrolling now and begins on Aug. 22. Biblical Compassion and Church Administration offers a non-denominational Christian perspective.

Harriet Wilkin, a United Methodist pastor, called on her own education and experience in business leadership to design the certification. In addition to her theological degree and training, Wilkin completed degrees in business administration/management and in critical communications. Each of these degrees has been important during her 20 years in ministry.

“When it comes to church administration there are so many areas that we need to oversee: the staff, the congregational leadership, the finances, the communications, that background checks are being done, that copyright licenses are being followed for music, and the list goes on,” she explains. “At the same time, we have been dealing with COVID and also being missionaries spreading the Good News of Christ.”

All of these courses are designed specifically for the area of church administration rather than being general business classes, Wilkin says. The first course of the certification, for example, examines the role of compassion in Biblical administration.

“Effective church administration allows each community of faith to operate to its fullest potential and creates space for all people to grow, worship, and serve,” she points out. “This first course in the church administration certification sequence allows learners to learn about compassion and love from Jesus’ example and how they can apply those outcomes to their ministry context today and tomorrow.”

The courses are delivered online using Blackboard academic software. Participants must have internet connection.

For more information on the course, or on other offerings at BeADisciple.com, visit the website at BeADisciple.com

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