May 14-23, 2018 

Any trip to the Holy Land is invigorating and powerful, but this Holy Land trip has been specifically designed to tour sites that deepen and enrich our understandings of the gospels and sites  where Jesus was known to have been.

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Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship, I am thrilled to invite you to come along on our Holy Land Pilgrimage. Many Bible scholars, including my folks, often viewed the Holy Land as the 5th gospel because the land brings so much of the ministry of Jesus to life. This trip will be focused on helping us all grow deeper in our Biblical understanding and faith. It will also be a wonderful mix of lay and clergy, students and alumni of Southwestern, as well as friends of the College and Institute. If you have dreams of going to the Holy Land someday, I hope you will join us on this great time of fun, fellowship and faith development.

God’s best,

Dr. Steve WilkeSteve Wilke
Executive Director, 

Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The base fee for the trip is $3898, and includes domestic as well as international airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner each day, tips, entry costs, and all fees.  The only costs you will have during the trip are daily lunch and anything you wish to give as a love offering for our trips driver and guide.  More details available in the full trip brochure.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, scholarships are available for Southwestern College students. Email Dr. Jackson Lashier for more information.

Can anyone go?

Yes!  You don’t have to live in Winfield, and you don’t have to be United Methodist.  The listed price includes airfare from Wichita or Kansas City, but EO will adjust your price to include airfare from your airport of choice.

Is it safe?

Yes. Security is very high throughout the trip, from the flight to Israel forward. Remember that tourism is the major industry of this area; tourists are protected and treated very well.  EO organizes many trips to this area of the world, and has a lot of experience hosting groups in the Holy Land safely.

For more information and any questions, please email Kent Melcher at


View Full Brochure    View Trip on EO Site

Register Online

Final Registration Deadline: February 27, 2018