SC Students Explore Ministry at Exploration 2011

via Southwestern College news Southwestern College campus minister Ashlee Alley recently accompanied several students to St. Louis to participate in Exploration 2011. Exploration 2011 is an event organized by the United Methodist Church with the goal of bringing younger people to the pulpit. During two days of workshops, prayer, worship, and small-group meetings, the denomination hopes to help some of the 18- to 26-year-olds in attendance determine whether their future career path will lead to a life in the ministry. Southwestern College students attending were Caleb Chua, Jessica Schaal, Molly Komlofske, Heida Raisa,…continue reading →

Center for Youth Ministry Excellence Headquarters to Southwestern College

The headquarters for the Center for Youth Ministry Excellence have been relocated to Southwestern College, and the CYMX now is working in cooperation with the Institute for Discipleship. During SC's fall Board of Trustees meeting Oct. 7, Charles Harrison, chief executive officer of CYMX, was introduced and the new partnership was formalized. The Center is the host organization for the Youthworker Movement, a network with over 4,500 members. To learn more go to the CYMK website.continue reading →

Minister Is New Institute for Discipleship Visiting Scholar

Meredith Minister, Ph.D., is the 2011-2012 Institute for Discipleship visiting scholar. "The visiting scholar program at Southwestern College has given me the opportunity to teach and the space to pursue my research interests.  The hospitality of the faculty, staff, and students at Southwestern make it an ideal place to see how a faith-based and service-oriented college operates," Minister said. Learn more about the visiting scholar program here.continue reading →

SC Discipleship Students Test Out Youth Disciple Online (YDO)

In August of 2012, will launch a totally online Disciple Bible Study small group experience for high school youth. This year, a group of 20 SC students led by Ashlee Alley, campus minister and director of the Discipleship program, are doing the study online. While still having their weekly team meetings, the readings, video, and discussion are all conducted online. "I am so pleased to have the first year Discipleship students taking Disciple online. They are a great help as we design and build this new format" commented Steve Wilke, executive director…continue reading →