BeADisciple Study App

May 1, 2023 – For 35 years, the DISCIPLE Bible Study series has been transforming millions of lives around the world with its print editions, and the popular curriculum is now going digital, the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship and the United Methodist Publishing House jointly announced today.

Two 24-week studies in the DISCIPLE series will be the first offerings on the brand-new BeADisciple app, created by the Institute for Discipleship to offer a wide assortment of small-group study material.

“This new version combines the robust impact of DISCIPLE with the infinite reach of digital communication,” said Neil Alexander, former publisher and current chief financial officer of the publishing house. “We’re excited that this new means of delivery arrives at a time when people are searching for ways to connect not only to Scripture but also to their community of faith.”

The app, available Aug. 1, will give groups access to the curriculum and the complete CEB Bible — both in text and audio form — on their smartphones and tablets. Zoom is built into the app to help groups meet remotely, finally allowing them the opportunity to form and engage without geographic boundaries.

“This new generation of DISCIPLE builds on what made the traditional manual-based study so successful,” says Steve Wilke, executive director of the Institute for Discipleship and the son of DISCIPLE’s original authors. “The app gives users all the convenience and adaptability they need in today’s world, as well as a 24/7 opportunity for group connection — something that we couldn’t have dreamed of when the original study was introduced. Plus, we’ve brought in curriculum writers, editors and scholars to update, expand, and revise the material.”

The two DISCIPLE studies, which can be purchased now for download beginning Aug. 1, are designed for groups of eight to 16. Beta groups are now being invited to be “first adopters” and participate in final testing before the app becomes widely available in 2024. Both studies are adapted from DISCIPLE Fast Track, the streamlined version released by the publishing house in 2016. Beta groups will have early access at a special introductory rate.

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