SC Discipleship Students Test Out Youth Disciple Online (YDO)

In August of 2012, will launch a totally online Disciple Bible Study small group experience for high school youth. This year, a group of 20 SC students led by Ashlee Alley, campus minister and director of the Discipleship program, are doing the study online. While still having their weekly team meetings, the readings, video, and discussion are all conducted online. "I am so pleased to have the first year Discipleship students taking Disciple online. They are a great help as we design and build this new format" commented Steve Wilke, executive director…continue reading →

New partnerships for

New partnerships with Wesley Seminary and the Upper Room have been launched. The Wesley Ministry Network and the Upper Room now offer wonderful online continuing educational programs at, which is sponsored by the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College.  To receive a monthly e-mail newsletter of upcoming workshops, just go to the site and provide your address in the space provided.continue reading →