SC Discipleship Students Test Out Youth Disciple Online (YDO)

In August of 2012, will launch a totally online Disciple Bible Study small group experience for high school youth. This year, a group of 20 SC students led by Ashlee Alley, campus minister and director of the Discipleship program, are doing the study online. While still having their weekly team meetings, the readings, video, and discussion are all conducted online. "I am so pleased to have the first year Discipleship students taking Disciple online. They are a great help as we design and build this new format" commented Steve Wilke, executive director…continue reading →

Kingdom Committee Raises Awareness, Money for Malaria

(from A spring event at Southwestern College raised funds for malaria awareness. Approximately 50 students participated in the Imagine No Malaria (INM) event organized by the Kingdom Committee of Discipleship Southwestern. Co-chairs were Molly Komlofske and Alicia Ong. The event began with set-up of tents, cardboard boxes, and mosquito netting. “We provided large rolls of tulle for people to make their nets with,” says Komlofske.  “We hung string from tree-to-tree and made clotheslines and provided clothespins for people to use to make their nets. Because of the cool temperatures, we told them…continue reading →

Steve Wilke Nominated for UMR 2010 United Methodist of the Year

(from Steve Wilke, Ph.D., vice president for planning and new programs  at Southwestern College, was recently recognized in the United Methodist Reporter (UMR) as a nominee for  2010 United Methodist of the Year. According to the UMR, Wilke was nominated for work to bring “the current tools of the culture (online software for providing online college course curriculum) to the United Methodist Church.” As the executive director of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship (IFD), Wilke has strived to bring online opportunities to nurture Christian leaders for effective ministry through…continue reading →

Adam Hamilton and Sarah Wilke to Lead Builders in Ministry Week 2011

Adam Hamilton is the founding pastor of Church of the Resurrection which has grown from four people in 1990 to over 12,000 adult members and an average weekly worship attendance of over 7,500. Sarah Wilke is the publisher of the Upper Room, a daily devotional guide read by almost 3 million people in more than 100 countries in 76 editions and 40 languages. This year's BIM week is February 22-24, 2011, and the theme is Christ-Led Leadership.Registration is now available here.continue reading →